VP of Culinary Operations


VP of Culinary Operations at The Blake

Meet Chef Darin Leonardson

Blake Management Group is proud to welcome Darin Leonardson as the Vice President of Culinary Operations. As a professional chef with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality market, Darin is transforming the industry with his passion for food and dining. His passion is to continue disrupting the senior living industry, making every aspect more like a restaurant and hotel experience. By combining exciting flavors with wholesome nutrition, he shares his love of good food with thousands of people every day.

He is the founder of Transformed Culinary Solutions, LLC. In this dynamic role, Chef Darin brings his flair for flavor and freshness across the country. Darin graduated from South Seattle Community College with a Culinary Degree and also an Associate Degree in Applied Science.  He also recently finished schooling at Ashford University for a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. Darin is happily married with three beautiful children, Isabella, Cameron, and Logan.  He loves to skateboard with his kids and teach them how to both garden and cook.  He believes God has blessed him with the ability to touch people with his enthusiasm for cooking and eating well.  He currently lives in Dallas, Texas and believes the best way to live is through a balanced lifestyle. One-third of your life should be family; one-third community and the final third should be work.  It should be in that order.

Prior to opening his own company, Darin was the Vice President of Rapid Recovery Centers focusing on the healing aspects of food through for this new post-acute transitional care company.  Prior to this role, he was the Director of Hospitality at Golden Living overseeing over 300 properties, serving over 60,000 meals daily. He was the Corporate Food and Beverage Manager at One Eighty, a Leisure Care company with 38 properties around the world. Prior to that, he was Executive Chef at The Bellettini, a Leisure Care property in Bellevue, Washington. Darin has also worked for Google as General Manager and Executive Chef and as an Executive Chef for a variety of restaurants in Washington State, including Toi, The Bellevue Club Hotel, and Elliott’s Oyster House.

Dining at The Blake - Flavorful Herbs

Darin has been also been featured as a celebrity guest chef for Holland America’s Cruise Line on four prior voyages, sailing on the Nieuw Amsterdam in the Caribbean and Amsterdam around the World Voyage and the Ms. Princendam for a South American World Cruise.

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