Director of Wellness

Director of Wellness

Angelia Gates-Williams, CDP

Angelia Gates-Williams, the Director of Wellness, comes to us from her hometown in Buena Vista, Mississippi.  She was raised on a farm in Houston, Mississippi.

Angelia was recently certified by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners as a Certified Dementia Practitioner.

In 1991, I graduated from Houston High School and joined the MS Army National Guard in my junior year.   In the Army, I specialized in PLL Clerk and dispatcher, Supply Clerk, Administration, Paralegal, Combat Life Saver, and Intelligence Analyst.  In 2009, I retired from the Army.  During all this time, I graduated from Itawamba Community College in Tupelo, MS with my Certified Licensed Practical Nurse diploma in 1998.  Since I have had my license, I have had many privileges and experience travel nursing (ICU, Stepdown, Critical Care, Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Clinical settings).  The travel areas were mostly in Tennessee and Arkansas with small areas of Mississippi.  When I was not travel nursing or performing my soldierly duties, I worked as an office nurse, hospital floor nurse in renal care and med/surg, peritoneal dialysis, mental health with children and adults, and in elder care.  All together I have about 20 years in the medical field.

Being raised mostly by my great grandparents who were 90 and 93 on passing geared me towards nursing.  My passion had always been a Criminal Justice Lawyer and I began studying at Florida A&M University.  Well due to some life events, I had to change my plans.   My great-grandfather was a Baptist minister and my great-grandmother was a school teacher. They really taught me a lot and expected only the best of my brother and me.  This is where I learned much about God, surviving life challenges, the importance of education, people, money, and taxes. A true Southern girl learning to plow with a mule and learned to drive with a tractor.  Through living with my great-grandparents, I learned the value of the “very mature in age.”  The life lessons, knowledge, and the process of aging.  It is so amazing how the mind works and our bodies change.  To me, elders are some of the most important individuals in life.  It is truly a blessing to see and prosper to that time in life.

I began with Blake Management January 16, 2018.  It has truly been a different aspect of my life.  The most interesting part about being here is the advantage of making a difference.  My goals and inspirations are to truly turn this assisted living community into an area above and beyond.  I really want to make a difference.  This will, of course, be with much prayer and patience.  We can all have a rough day and then see the smile on one resident or staff member.  These inspirations are what keep me going.

When I am not being serious, I enjoy motorcycle riding, horseback, swimming, walking, beach time, reading, computer technology, playing with the grandkids, spending time with family, and last but not least my German Rottweiler Asia.  Also, mud riding on the 4-wheelers helps me blow off steam.  Of course; God, church, singing in the choir, and the bible guides me through life for serenity.

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