Glenn Barclay

Glenn Barclay had a vision of assisted living communities that provide a better quality of life and care for seniors. He was inspired by the special bond between his son and mother, who little Blake called “Gi Gi.” Their relationship inspired the design and development of The Blake, which was named for Glenn’s son! Mr. Barclay founded Blake Management Group with the core mission of making joy a priority for senior living and enriching the lives of older adults and their families.


As a co-founder and advisory board member of BMG, Glenn guides the development of Blake programs and facility operations. He has a proven record of continuous improvement and success with senior living communities in much of the southern United States.

“Our focus is ensuring the older adult population and their families have exceptional access to quality housing options, health care, nutrition, spiritual growth, joy, and socialization. What we do is much more than a job. It’s something we think about 24 hours a day,” declares Barclay.

Glenn holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Louisiana Tech University, a master’s degree in theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and he is a registered nurse. Glenn has brought his unique insight into successful strategies within senior housing and other healthcare related industries for more than 25 years.

Mr. Barclay and his wife, Jackie, live with their son, Blake, in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

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