Walk With Me Coordinator


Walk With Me Coordinator

Richard Burroughs

Richard Burroughs was born in Pensacola, Florida. He has lived in the Charlotte area since 1980.

He is married to Sheila and has two grown children (Melissa and Jenna). His hobbies include hiking, ballroom dancing, and painting. He believes that the most important thing to bring to an activities program is to develop an understanding of each person; in other words, “know thy resident.” Only then can he best match activities that suit their needs. There is life to be lived; Richard’s goal is to get each person invested in living it. Richard also believes there are so many ways to touch residents: through one-on-one visits or small groups, outdoors or indoors. He uses music to guide residents through different emotions and memories. It is rewarding to watch toes begin to tap and the smiles begin to form. Richard also brings his background in ballroom dance to encourage residents to move and be active. He believes there is no physical limit powerful enough to keep someone’s enjoyment of music from being nurtured through dance. Overall, Richard believes that different forms of art can bring untapped joy to everyone.

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