Director of Sales

Director of Sales

Vanessa Hayes

Vanessa Hayes is from good ‘ole New Braunfels, Texas, where she has worked in the senior living industry for the past 10 years. She studied business marketing and management at Alamo College in San Antonio.

Her career all started when she was caring for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s. From there, she has gone from owning her own senior care home to a director of an assisted living facility, but sales and marketing have always been her passion in the senior living industry. She is also part of the Central Texas Advocates for Seniors organization and loves volunteering and helping at her local senior centers. She loves people in general and believes if she can help them, then that makes her day even better!


She is always trying to brighten someone else’s day however she can and loves to laugh and just enjoy life to the fullest. Being able to be part of a senior community and going in every day and see the seniors and hug them is so special to her. She loves being able to connect with the community and other families and help them navigate this big step in life. She has been through it all with her grandmother having Alzheimer’s and it has really touched her when she can end up helping a family with their loved ones in return.  She loves just being able to be a resource to her community no matter what kind of help they are looking for. She values being their solution. Her favorite thing about BMG is the passion that just exudes from everyone that works there.


From the CEO down, it shows that they are all there to make sure the residents in each of their communities are taken care of and loved. Each person she has met truly shows how they live by the BMG Core Values. Family is always first with BMG and that is so important to not only her but the families that she is helping. Vanessa also has an almost-two-year-old daughter and is currently engaged and planning a wedding. She loves the outdoors and traveling and trying new food joints and she loves to explore other cultures. Her fiancé and she enjoy family time and being able to take road trips together. She also loves to cook and enjoys baking with her family.

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