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The Financial Aspects

The transition into a supportive, comfortable senior living community involves several factors, and the financial considerations are often at the top of that list. Learn how we can simplify the process for you. Are you wondering how to pay for senior living? You are not alone. One of the first things that come to mind […]


Quality of Life

Learn more about how The Blake can better improve the quality of life when transitioning from home to a Blake community. With all the issues that seniors face when living at home, The Blake communities are here to offer relieving, beneficial alternatives. Listed below are the reasons why the quality of life at The Blake […]


Recognize the Signs

What do you do when you realize it’s time for that talk? When you finally know the next step is assisted living for your mom and dad? How do you know when it’s time at all? It’s not lost on us that one of the most difficult moments in our lives is the moment we […]


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